Kale is a brassica, and sometimes referred to as leaf cabbage as it belongs to the cabbage family.  Fairbanks offers a range of kale varieties with some suited for baby leaf production to be featured as raw elements within salads and also bunching kale varieties. Kale leaves range in colour from a deep green to purple leaves. Within our range we have both baby leaf and bunching varieties that are curly or Tuscan type kale (also known as black cabbage).

Kale has increased in popularity over recent years, particularly raw kale which is often the baby leaf varieties. The increase has been due to the recognised health benefits by this highly nutritious brassica. When consumed raw, kale has very high levels of vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B6, folate and vitamin K. This is reduced somewhat when kale is cooked, the most common cooking methods for kale include boiling, steaming and sautéing. Kale is often mixed with mashed potato in traditional dishes from the Netherlands, Portugal and Ireland.